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Anonymous asked:

Why are you so obsessed with homosexuali-things?


Okay, I normally don’t care about things like this but this is especially annoying since you ask this in a way like it is bad.

I am not “obsessed” with, as you say, homosexuali (not proper spelling but you put it this way) things. I think I’ve posted a fair share of supportive/silly gay posts on here, but I seriously doubt the percentages regarding my post genres would show I have an excessive amount. And even if I posted nothing but rainbow flags and unicorns shitting gay boys what is wrong with that? Is it making you uncomfortable to think that I find it okay to be accepting of others? Of NORMAL humans? Humans that are literally being ostracized because they happen to love in a way that is “bad”?
It also irks me that it seems to be that the moment a person is found out to be gay, bisexual, etc. that that is suddenly all anyone cares about or asks about them. You wouldn’t have asked me why I was so obsessed with straighti (I tried to copy your weird spelling, you see) things if I posted a ton of guys kissing girls or girls looking at boys, would you? No, because that’s stupid. Sexuality is not the only part of a person, and while I don’t know you I would like to think you know this.
I honestly don’t even remember what it was that apparently caught your attention and made you ask this but I’m sure whatever it was was harmless.

It’s funny this was asked tonight because I pretty much defended Matt on the show during this episode when everyone suddenly swarmed him and, in my opinion, decided his sexuality for him over a stupid kiss.

It’s not the end of the world if 2 guys or girls kiss, guys. And putting them under microscopes in even a nice way is not necessary or polite, either. Treat them like the normal humans they are, goodness. I hate to seem like I’m attacking or being condescending, but your question is quite rude and insensitive to me and there’s a lot of guys and girls who need to see how to squash things like this in a sensible way.

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